Value-Driven Style vs Virtue-Driven Style

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Value-Driven Leadership Style

Leaders who place more emphasis on wealth than on health have a value-driven leadership style. They are in the business game to do well – to create material prosperity for clients, employees, shareholders and/or themselves. To them, earning money is not only the driving purpose of business, it is also a bitter necessity, as unprofitable firms will quickly go broke. Therefore, they focus their people on creating a viable business model, building a strong competitive position vis-à-vis rivals and achieving a sustainable level of profitability.


Virtue-Driven Leadership Style

Virtue-driven leaders place much more emphasis on health than on wealth. To them, money is a means, not an end. They might need to run an economically-viable business to survive, but the true purpose is to achieve a higher virtue – either the physical, emotional, social and moral health of direct stakeholders, or the well-being of particular groups, society or the environment. To them, it’s not about reaping benefits from others, but doing good for others. Their mission is to make a contribution, for instance by alleviating regional unemployment, curing the ill, helping children to develop, stimulating scientific progress or saving the rainforest.

Ideas and practices worth sharing:

Here you can read up on suggestions about developing a specific leadership style and on how to avoid certain leadership pitfalls. Make sure to leave your own suggestions behind for others as well.

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